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Shiny Eevee by Twilighthedgehog
Shiny Eevee
Lady and Gentleman after 8 years of trial and error I have finally caught a SHINY EEVEE!!!! HE IS SO BEAUTIFUL!!! TTwTT I used the dexnav and on my second attempt of finding a shiny eevee I found this little guy >W< I kinda had to give up the first time because I messed up at around chain five and it was late at night so I decided ehh I'll try tomorrow.

I found him at around a chain of 60 or so took about an hour but boy was it ever worth it!!!!

Ok so he is a male Eevee (I kinda wanted a girl but hey its a Shiny Eevee so I can't really complain X3)

Ok his nickname is Kazuki (which in Japanese it means Harmony, Radiance, Shine and Hope)! >W< And I am going to evolve him into a shiny Sylveon >W< (like this… )

He is level 32 with the ability run away and he has 1 star. His moves are Tickle, Covet, Take Down and Charm. His nature is Rash and he likes to thrash about >w<

HP 80
Attack 50
Defense 39
Sp. Atk 46
Sp. Def 46
Speed 45
Our new dog Thor by Twilighthedgehog
Our new dog Thor
We adopted this gentle sweet heart German Shorthaired Pointer (though we think he may have a touch of weimaraner to him) two days ago >W< His original name was Otto and we were kinda gonna keep it because we figured it would be best to keep a name that he is familiar with it but it turns out he did not respond to that name at all XD so we took advantage of that and renamed him Thor because we did not like the name Otto ^^(). He is an absolute love X3 he gets along with our other two dogs very well, he is wonderful on a leash and he has a very shy and laid back personality. The shelter said he is 3 years old but my mom and I don't think that is true because his teeth is way too white for a three year old dog and he is actually smaller then Loki who is also a German Shorthaired pointer. We think he is about 1 to 1 1/2 years old so basically he is still a puppy.

When we got him it turns out he was brought back three times. First person brought him back because he was drafted over seas which is understandable. The second was a couple that had a newborn baby that brought him back because he grabbed their baby's pacifier and pull it out of its mouth (-_- I am upset with that because 1 you don't get rid of a dog just because he grabs your child's pacifier and 2 you don't put a big dog with lots of energy with a baby, you just don't) and the third person got rid of him because he chewed on things (we were easily able to curb this behavior by giving him a hollow bone with a little peanut butter in it)

And yes I know he is a bit skinny it turns out he was kept in a pen with other dogs and when animal shelter tried to feed him the other dogs stole his food before he could eat it. He is now getting two nice big meals a day with scraps from our meals with it ^^

He does have a couple of issues, one he is not completely potty trained and if we don't catch him in time he will pee or poop on out patio (at least he does it out there instead of doing it in our house >.<) but thats nothing we can't handle, we just have to teach him not to do that :) second he had some seperation issues but I think he will stop that once he get settled into his new home and the third one is that he jumps a little but that something we can easily teach him not to do.
Bunnies by Twilighthedgehog
There were two rabbits in my yard so I took pictures of them. They did seem to mind me being there, they even let get up to about 10 ft of them before one took off, the other one just didn't care X3 I left him alone though so I didn't stress him out

The flash of my camera gave them demon eyes ._. but their still cute >W<


Loves the fluffy werehog ^^
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
My name is Twilight Martin Hedgehog. I love sonadow weresonamy werewolves and vampires. I'm a nice person I do karate, soccer, swimming, and I have three brothers who are always a pain in my butt ^^
  • Mood: Humor
  • Listening to: Peace and quiet -w-
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  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Water

Over a week's worth of drawing and editing. I hope you guys enjoy.

PS. This was suppost to be submitted on Christmas but life got in the way and I had to push it up to New Year's eve.

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